Why women like you see their hair begin to thin,

and why now is the time to do something about it

Although considered primarily an issue in men, 40% of all hair loss actually occurs in women. However unlike men, how women first notice their hair loss is different. Women will often notice their loss most as they are brushing their hair, or look down and see hair accumulating in the shower. There is no single cause of thinning hair in women; in fact the source of this emotionally painful challenge can be attributed to unavoidable factors we face every day such as stress, menopause, illness, medicinal side effects, depression, or other challenges.Thicker, Fuller Hair

It’s not just about looking good

Both the social and cultural importance of your hair goes far beyond appearance. It is a symbol of beauty and health, it affects self-esteem and is part of what makes up your general well-being. It is an expression of who you are, your style and your personality. And while going bald can be socially acceptable for men, not so in the case of women. Thinning hair for women can be a painful issue, and can leave you either feeling helpless as you look for solutions, or even worse, accepting this as a natural process. Either as a part of growing older, or the result of external factors that you believe may be out of your control, until now. ProBliva’s unique 3 stage formula is specifically designed to help women overcome the challenges of thinning hair, you will:
  • Experience thicker hair growth through
  • Significantly reduce you rate of hair loss
  • Develop a protective barrier around your hair

Discover how ProBliva can help you love what you see every time you look in the mirror.


Who we are

We understand the toll of having your hair gradually thin over time

If like so many women your hair loss gives you a feeling of helplessness, you have probably wondered how long this will continue, how many other women are having this experience and how they are coping? Well, first know that you are not alone. In fact, up to 40% of women suffer the embarrassment of some form of thinning hair in a society where much emphasis is placed on the way you look. Until now, your options to address thinning hair without the harsh side effects associated with synthetic products have been limited at best. At ProBliva we are doing our part by providing high quality, effective and naturally derived product to the marketplace.  We are assisting women who are suffering from hair loss to rejuvenate and stimulate hair growth over time, using our product.  Our proprietary blend of natural ingredients is naturally derived and has proven in-vivo study  to be 93%  effective against hair loss.  We are proud that we can make a difference helping women who are suffering from hair loss, to regain thicker, fuller hair naturally over time. The process of formulating ProBliva started with ensuring that our active ingredient Seveov was both naturally derived and stood up to rigorous scientific testing through clinical trials normally associated with pharmaceutical grade products. Then we added more natural ingredients that help protect and nourish your hair  


Andean women have used maca root for thicker hair for hundreds of years

The women of the Andes have used maca root for thicker hair for hundreds of years. The active ingredient in ProBliva is a pure, concentrated maca root extract.

  The women of the Andes have been known for their thick flowing hair wh Maca root plant     ich they maintain well into old age. While genetics undoubtedly does play a role, much of their thick flowing hair has been attributed to the use of the maca root, a plant which has beenused by local women for centuries in their hair. The active ingredient in   ProBliva is an extract of the maca root plant, which has been tested in clinical trails to increase the rate of hair growth and strengthen the hair bulb’s ‘bond’ to the scalp to also significantly slow down the rate of hair loss. The result—a powerful beauty formula that leverages the highest quality maca root extract nature can produce, infused it with the new advancements in cosmetic science to create a safe, and effective solution for thinning hair.

Thicker, stronger, healthier hair

Stimulate and protect your hair for better growth

The active ingredient in ProBliva is a maca root extract that stimulates hair growth by promoting keratinocyte mitosis (rapid increase in the cells that cause hair growth). The graph to the left  shows the significant increase in activity after just 8 days of applying active ingredient.    

Thicker, stronger, healthier hair

  ProBliva’s unique formula acts on your hair on acts on your hair with 3 simultaneous actions for lasting results: stimulates new hair growth, forms a protective barrier around your hair, and fights hair loss by strengthening the bond to the scalp. The graph below shows shows the increase in density on the layer around the hair shaft of 36, and and and increase in cell multiplication of 169 after 8 days of application. Results are based on clinical trials for Seveov, the the active ingredient in ProBliva. Full details can be viewed here. (http://www.naturex.asia/data/classes/docu_fichier/docu_fichier_35_30.pdf).
    ProBliva’s significantly decreases hair loss by the collagen density in the underlying dermal tissue, which strengthens the hairs bond to the scalp. Keeping your hair longer is a large part of maintaining a healthier head of hair. The graph on the right shows the increase in collagen density after just 8 days using the active ingredient in ProBliva, the naturally derived maca root extract Sevoev.

What to expect

Our main ingredient is an extract of the maca root plant, which is found primarily in Peru. This extract has been clinically proven to stimulate new hair growth by promoting keratinocyte mitosisb (replication of hair follicle growth cells) and forming a protective barrier around the hair bulb. It is this unique process found exclusively in ProBliva that:
  • promotes thicker fuller hair and
  • helps protect this new hair growth for lasting results.
To help you better manage your expectations, we have outlined the process of how ProBliva works as a part of your natural hair growth process.   Hair-LossWeeks 2-4: During this period, some users may experience increased hair shedding. This is actually a good sign and means that the product is working. The shedding occurs because ProBliva activates the hair follicle’s growth cycle. The hair that is in the Transition and Resting phase begins to fall out and the hair follicles go into a new growth phase producing a new, healthier hair. Weeks 5-12: You will begin to notice a significant reduction in hair loss. New hair growth will be visible and existing hair will look thicker and fuller. Weeks 12-24: Within the following 3-6 months, there will be a continued thickening of your hair, your scalp will be filling in and should be noticeable. You should be getting comments from friends and colleagues on the difference in your appearance. As you can imagine, you will continue to see improvement until your hair has reached its optimal thickness, and your scalp is full. What to do if there is more to worry about than ‘thinning hair’: underlying medical conditions In some cases underlying medical conditions are the cause of hair loss, and may require more aggressive treatment than ProBliva can provide. Some forms of Alopecia, thyroid problems, PCOS (a form of chronic hormone imbalance), immune deficiency illnesses, ongoing chemotherapy and other aggressive medical conditions create hair loss that will persist until the underlying medical conditions are addressed. Once the underlying issues are under control, ProBliva is a great way to experience hair restoration as a part of the recovery process.

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Probliva serum


In order to experience the best results from ProBliva, we recommend a 90 day supply. ProBliva brings lasting results over time.

“I have noticed a significant drop in my hair loss. Makes my hair feel great and I can see the volume filling in.” Catherine S.- Toronto

“This stuff is amazing, and trust me, I have tried everything. You will definitely see and feel the difference.” Claire W.- Maine

Probliva Serum (3 months supply)


Naturally derived solution for women with thinning hair. Powerful Maca Root Extract will:

  • Significantly reduce hair loss by strengthening bond to scalp
  • Stimulate new hair growth – multiplies the cells that grow your hair (keratinocyte mitosis). More hair growth cells means thicker, fuller hair – faster.
  • Protects your hair by forming a natural barrier around your hair follicles, lessening the damaging effects of the sun and everyday pollutants.

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